Southport Beach

Southport Beach.

One of the myriad, pretty seaside villages on this stretch of the Hibiscus coastline, Southport is essentially a beautiful, secluded beach, rich in shady areas and ideal for family holidays. Sandwiched between Sunwich Port and Sea Park, Southport and its neighbours tend to regard themselves as extensions of Port Shepstone, so there is rarely anything to disturb a holiday idyll along this lovely stretch of coastline, and little commercialisation.
It is only 8 kilometres of travel to reach the variety of shops, restaurants and other entertainment in Port Shepstone, or the ‘buzz’ of resorts such as Shelly Beach, St Michaels, Uvongo and Margate, so one can understand why Southport is popular amongst those who seek the buzz only when and if they choose to do so.

Southport in days of old was little more than a railway siding, which today includes an rather dull railway station. But don’t let that deter you. Whilst Southport may idyll away in sunny, blissful uneventfulness, there is certainly no limit to what one can do based in the peaceful town.
There are at least 10 golf courses within a 50 kilometre radius of Southport. Nature reserves, hiking trails and snorkelling sites abound, whilst some of the best fishing spots are very close by. Oribi Gorge is just inland of Southport and well worth a day’s visit and if you are a diving fanatic, Aliwal Shoal, 3 miles off the village of Umkomaas, is one of the most spectacular dives, particularly the Cathedral area of the reef.